Driveway Sealing in Collingwood and SurroundingArea

Eager Beaver Services

Hot Asphalt Patchwork

Whether your driveway has pot holes, low spots or has just dropped at the garage, we have inexpensive hot asphalt solutions to meet your needs. Hot asphalt patching is a long-term solution and is much more affordable than repaving.

Crack Filling

We use rubberized crack filler to fill large gaps in the lane and  prevent water from building up in the base under your driveway. Keeping that water out stops the asphalt from heaving and prevents pot holes from forming.


Previous oil or gas damage can be removed with a torch and can be treated with a primer to ensure an even finish

Acrylic Driveway Sealing

Our residential Acrylic Sealer has a flat matte finish which better resembles a freshly paved driveway. Environmentally friendly acrylic sealer will last twice as long as oil based asphalt sealers and also does a better job of protecting against oxidization. Our experienced technicians spray our sealant on your driveway to ensure an even and attractive finish. Acrylic is dry enough to walk on in approximately one hour and you can park your car on it in approximately 4 hours. There is no odor and it won't track off on your shoes or tires. We recommend resealing every 2 to 4 years depending on traffic.

Our No MESS Guarantee

At Eager Beaver, we understand that your home is your castle, so we take the necessary steps to prevent any mess. Our technicians use a blocker board around the outside edge of your driveway to make sure we don't get any sealer/over spray on your home, concrete/stone borders or on your grass.